Three different ways to wear leggings

Most of us have different daily tasks we must accomplish; nevertheless, we like to make time for ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it is going out for a run, practicing yoga, or taking a walk with your pet. When you love doing something, you try your best every day in order to practice it.

The thing is, even when we can be a “Superwoman” (most of the time) there are ways to make our lives a little bit easier just by being more practical. Leggings are the perfect definition for versatility. They can be your best friend on any occasion as long as you keep a positive attitude.

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 12.27.31 AMThe casual look

Busy schedule? No worries! You can always look fresh and chic while being perfectly comfortable. There’s nothing more important than the way you feel when you have a busy day ahead. The perfect match for your leggings is an ethnic shirt paired with a bright tribal necklace, the legendary round glasses, a pair of comfy but chic open-back flats, and you can’t leave without a practical & cute shoulder bag.

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 5.59.24 PM

The night-out look

We all deserve some fun! A night-out with your friends can be the best medicine when you need to surround yourself with some positive energy. The reality is our mood is not always the same, and that’s what black was made for! It’s always “in” and it won’t let you down. You can go for a black top and pair it with a cute bralette. The accessories will make the difference; bright pumps or ankle booties, either way you won’t go wrong. Now you can match them with a pretty little clutch or a nice cross body purse, and who doesn’t love a new pair of earrings?

The active lookActive look

Here it is! The time of the day we were waiting for: when we can relax and sweat out some happiness. This is the time we have for ourselves and we shall enjoy it! Your leggings can be easily paired with a fresh and light tank top, a cool headband, and of course a bright pair of running shoes matched with your sport bra. The important thing to remember is to wear what feels good on your skin, good quality products that will help you through your activities. Remember, your body is the reflection of your health!

Never forget your beauty comes from within! Of course, a good outfit can always make you feel better. But the truth is your attitude is the best accessory, so keep on shining.

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